Meet Your Salesperson: Bianca Anaya

With a family background in the food industry and sales, it only seemed natural for Bianca Anaya, territory sales in Oahu, to explore working in the same field. Her passion for food, dining out, and meeting interesting people sparked her interest in the industry but it's the everyday challenges, rewards, and Ohana that keep her motivated. Read Anaya's interview, below, as she reflects on her journey and accomplishments, and her reasons for attending the Hawaii Foodservice Show in October.

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Design Tips with Contract Manager and Lead Designer, Peggy Marvel

Peggy Marvel, Contract Manager and Lead Designer for the Hawaii Division, has 28 years of combined restaurant and architectural design experience under her belt. We sat down with her to get the scoop on all the best tips and advice for creating a functional and beautiful foodservice space. Read below to learn more!   

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Branching Out Part 1: Oahu - Kevin Wilkinson on Living the Aloha Spirit

On Wednesday, October 12th and Thursday, October 13th, Bargreen Ellingson will be hosting the Hawaii Foodservice Show - the company's largest event of the year on Oahu. Helping lead the charge is General Manager, Kevin Wilkinson. Wilkinson manages over 50 employees and four of the major islands - Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. With over 6000 foodservice licenses on Oahu, over a million full-time residents, and 3 million people on the island at any given time, Wilkinson is a busy man. Despite a full schedule, however, Wilkinson still finds a way to stay committed to his team, his family and living the Aloha Spirit.

In this special four-part Branching Out blog series, we will be island-hopping to each of our branch locations to share with you why you should know our Hawaii ohana. Keep a look out for interviews, recipes and more through the month of September! Continue reading Wilkinson's interview below.

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Meet Your Salesperson: Jeremy Cockerham

For Jeremy Cockerham, food is a way of life. Although his relationship with the foodservice industry has changed over the years, his passion for serving others has not. It takes a chef to understand a chef and the trials and tribulations they go through, and Cockerham is that person. His career as a chef made him an expert in all things foodservice related and allowed him to understand the importance of serving great food and great service. Today, as a salesperson with Bargreen Ellingson Cockerham remains in an industry that he loves and more importantly, has the opportunity to continue to serve his customers with not food but knowledge - something that comes as naturally to him as cooking.

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Branching Out: Why Jeff Pugh Never Stops Learning

With a staff of eight and a territory that is 2,261 miles wide and 1,420 miles long - that's 1 employee per 83,000 square miles - Jeff Pugh, General Manager for Bargreen Ellingson in Alaska certainly has his plate full (pun intended). In our latest Branching Out interview, Pugh takes us from the beginning of his career to the present, letting us in on his secret recipe for success while sharing some wisdom and wit along the way. Read his interview below and discover why maintaining a desire to learn throughout life can bring more opportunities than you can imagine. 

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An Interview with Comida's Rayme Rossello

It all began with a large, bright pink food truck roaming the streets of Boulder and Denver, CO in 2010. Today, Rayme Rossello, owner of Comida Restaurant Group, operates the Comida Food Truck, the Cantinas, and is now getting ready to open her third brick-and-mortar restaurant in Colorado. It's a busy and exciting time for Rossello, and we couldn't be more proud of her success!

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Branching Out: Adam Deutschmann on Adaptability, Advocacy & Loving an 'Industry Rooted in Change'

We recently sat down with Adam Deutschmann, Sales Manager for The Restaurant Source in Denver, CO to talk about what drives his passion for the foodservice industry, challenges and rewards he faces on a daily basis, and what life is like living in the Rocky Mountain region. 

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Branching Out: An Interview with TRS President, Michelle Friedman

Last week we introduced you to Arnie Schatz, owner of The Restaurant Source in Denver, CO. This week we are excited to introduce you to TRS President, Michelle Friedman. This is the second post of our four-part Branching Out blog series featuring TRS. Join along as we introduce you to our new Denver family! 

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Branching Out: An Interview with The Restaurant Source Owner, Arnie Schatz

We sat down with Arnie Schatz, owner and operator of The Restaurant Source in Denver, Colorado to welcome the TRS family, and learn more about the history of the company. This is the first post of our special four-part Branching Out blog series featuring TRS, and we hope you join along with us as we introduce you to our new Denver family! 

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Meet Your Salesperson: Dustin Kennedy

"Relationships are what really drives me in this industry.  Some of my closest friends are clients and vendors alike," says Dustin Kennedy. "They all know my family and I know theirs.  It makes doing business much more fun when you know you are helping out a friend or partner."

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