#WineWednesday: Choosing the Right Champagne Glass

Wedding season is officially in full swing. Whether you are catering your own wedding or catering a customer's, it's important to know which type of champagne glass to serve with each type of sparkling wine for the best tasting experience. 

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Simple Steps for Presenting & Serving Wine Properly

The ritual of presentation when serving a bottle of wine at the table is as old as dining out itself. Presentation sets the whole experience apart from simply sharing wine with friends at home. Practice with your staff to make sure they're giving wine presentation the attention it deserves.

Start with these simple steps from winespectator.com, then add your own signature flourishes to your technique. 

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Cupid's Craft Cocktails: Getting Inspiration from Tacoma's Master Mixologists

Ah, Valentine’s Day. 

Synonymous with candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and red wine, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get creative behind the bar.

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Margarita Madness: An Interview with Demitri Pallis

Whether you blend it, shake it, or serve it clean, a good Margarita makes the perfect companion to a warm summer day. With Cinco de Mayo here, and summer hot on its heels, you may want to make sure that you have your recipe perfected.

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