The Right Knife for the Right Job

Not all knives are created equal. Some are better for chopping vegetables, while others are better suited for carving a roast. Choosing the right knife for the right application is key to successful food preparation, which is why our friends at Wusthof shared the guide below to help you choose the right knife for the right job.  

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Meet Your Salesperson: Nate Kinghorn


Nate Kinghorn, salesperson in Boise, ID, truly embodies the Bargreen Ellingson motto of 'serving those who serve others'. With only a year and a half of restaurant industry experience under his belt, he knows that developing relationships with customers and listening to their needs is the key to success. "If I wake up on a Thursday, I’m excited because of the customers that I get to see that day," says Kinghorn. "I know there will be a great conversation, and I just may be fortunate enough to get an order because of the relationship that we have developed." 

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Celebrating Earth Day with Cafe Vicino's Chef Richard Langston

For Chef Richard Langston, owner of Café Vicino in Boise, ID, every day is Earth Day. From recycling glass bottles and cooking oil, to sourcing local food and giving back to his community, Chef Langston proves that sustainability is attainable, and necessary, for all independent restaurants.

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Wusthof Knife Giveaway

Are you dreaming of a faster, more efficient kitchen? The Wusthof 8" Classic Vegetable knife is a must-have for any chef. Made of high-carbon, stain-free steel, the knife features large holes and a ridge that create air pockets to prevent produce from sticking to the blade, helping you slice and dice with effortless speed. 

And this month, we are giving one away to a subscriber! 

Branching Out: Matt Wicks on Boise's 'tight-knit community'

Matt Wicks, General Manager of Bargreen's Boise, ID branch is quick to credit his team for the branch's success. "Without the exceptional work that the staff of Boise does, there would be no success on anyone’s end," he says. "I would not be in the place that I am without the hard work and dedication of everyone at this branch and within the company." 

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Simple Steps for Presenting & Serving Wine Properly

The ritual of presentation when serving a bottle of wine at the table is as old as dining out itself. Presentation sets the whole experience apart from simply sharing wine with friends at home. Practice with your staff to make sure they're giving wine presentation the attention it deserves.

Start with these simple steps from, then add your own signature flourishes to your technique. 

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Turning a Passion into a Career: An Interview with The Populist's Jonathan Power

Many people search their whole lives to find their passion, especially one that doubles as a career. And the lucky ones who do find it, often fail to go after it for fear of failure. Jonathan Power, chef and owner of The Populist in Denver, CO makes going after your passion look easy and successful. 

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Heart of Denver: An Interview with The Nickel's David Coonan

David Coonan, General Manager of Denver's luxury boutique Hotel Teatro and restaurant, The Nickel, knows that the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Sourcing high-quality, locally grown food, and combining family recipes with unexpected ingredients evokes a sense of true Rocky Mountain nostalgia.

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