Taking Your Bird's Temperature

We have been getting an awful lot of interest in preparing whole chickens in our operators’ restaurants. One question that comes up more often than not is how to check the temperature of your bird.

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Spaghetti Squash Made Fast and Easy

Spaghetti squash is an easy to prepare, underrated, and readily-available winter squash that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a great gluten-free substitute for customers who are looking for an alternative to wheat-based pasta and makes an excellent side with a splash of butter and a pinch of fresh herbs.

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Four Valuable Tips to Creating a Successful Mobile Operation

Today mobile food businesses are booming in popularity with both entrepreneurs and customers alike!  The flexibility a food truck, food cart, or even food bike offers in terms of being able to go to where customers are as opposed to waiting for customers to come to them, is just one of the reasons why cooks, chefs, and passionate entrepreneurs are taking their food on the road.
For those with a standalone business, they can also become another opportunity to generate revenue and even be used to fulfill catering needs. Turning a mobile operation into a success requires a unique recipe. Many operators learn this the hard way, but you can benefit by avoiding the pitfalls of others simply by following some simple tips:

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Contract Design Project Feature: Pacific Pizza & Brew

Pacific Pizza and Brew is a family style pizza parlor and pub located on Bend, Oregon’s SW side. Nestled in the pines of a newly developed shopping district, Pacific Pizza is not your typical family-style pizza experience. Their pies present as a cross between a classic New York style crust and Sicilian crust, but round. The edges of the crust are slightly raised and intermittently spotted, but not charred. The moderately chewy, pliant center can still fold and hold the weight of the toppings. Pies are topped with both gourmet and classic offerings highlighted by a bright tomato base.

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Contract Design Project Feature: Fife's Iconic Poodle Dog Restaurant Undergoes Complete Remodel


 Serving “good food” since 1933, Fife’s iconicPoodle Dog Restaurant has provided fun dining for almost a decade. Quirky menu options combined with legendary service makes it a popular choice to meet and eat for friends and newcomers alike. 

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Sous Vide with Chef Tommy

"There’s a reason why you never want to order a steak ‘well done’ – you might as well be ordering beef jerky,” says Chef Tommy as we discuss the benefits of Sous Vide cooking.

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